Our academic program prepares every girl not just for the rigors of college, but also for the sheer joy of lifelong intellectual curiosity.

SEM’s interdisciplinary curriculum emphasizes academic scholarship, service to the community, leadership skills, physical and emotional well-being, creative expression, and personal integrity.

At SEM, our students learn how to approach a difficult academic subject or a new activity with vigor and confidence. They aren’t afraid to take risks or to challenge themselves to excel.

More Opportunities for Academic Excellence
Throughout her years at SEM, each student is expected to develop core competencies in all five of the major disciplines, giving her a solid foundation in the humanities, the sciences, and the arts. She is also encouraged to pursue Honors and Advanced Placement courses in areas of particular strength. Advanced electives during junior and senior year cover a range of topics, and opportunities for independent study can be arranged for self-motivated scholars.

Teachers Who Are As Passionate As They Are Experienced
Our dynamic and knowledgeable faculty will always be the cornerstone of a superior education at SEM. Our small and selective nature ensures the faculty's ability to mentor students and personally commit to a girl’s success. Thanks to experienced teachers who teach by allowing students to learn from each other as much as they learn from them, each SEM student benefits from opportunities to express her own point of view. SEM's Harkness tables and the seminar style discussions they foster ensure every student's voice is expressed and heard.

Technology That Puts Girls in Control
At SEM, technology is a way to maximize interactive learning opportunities in the classroom and beyond. Thanks to our one-to-one tablet computer program, established in 2007, every student has her own laptop computer throughout her four years at SEM.

Using constantly updating technology, she learns how to research information, question the validity of sources, analyze data, and create her own content - all of which she will need to be able to do in college.

Fall of 2014 SEM introduced a formal full-year STEAM curriculum for freshmen and library and research class for all upperclassmen. The trimesters of STEAM classes have segments of coding, engineering, and exploring the "Maker Movement" using our 3-D printer.

The library at SEM is both a beautiful physical space and an online resource center. Our librarian maintains SEM’s resources which feature a collection of more than 8,000 books, research databases,and periodicals which all help to meet the diverse curricular and extracurricular needs of our students and faculty. The SEM librarian also teaches the full-year library and research class.

A Legacy of Success
Whether they graduated five years ago or fifty, our alumnae report that – thanks to the classroom and teacher experiences they had at SEM – they leave high school more well-prepared than other college freshmen. Our Harkness tables and the learning they foster prepare them for the seminar classes they will encounter at college. Aerin Wagner '17 wrote this story about Harkness tables for The Buffalo News.

Our graduates tackle the most demanding college and university requirements, pursue a variety of careers, and meet challenges with confidence. SEM girls are ready to attend large colleges and universities and to speak and excel in co-ed college classes.

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