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Founded in 1851, SEM is an extraordinary day and boarding school for girls from across Western New York, the United States, and the world. With its understanding of traditional and creative approaches to education in the 21st century, SEM inspires graduates to emerge from their high school experience as leaders, proud to shape society rather than be controlled or defined by it. They live and lead with energy, confidence, honor, and courage.

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Both serious and fun traditions are at the core of our school culture.


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Traditions and School Life

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SEM’s residential students live together in a beautiful community and neighborhood adjacent to the school.

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Live at SEM - Our Boarding Program

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SEM Students visit Jacobs Institute
This past week, SEM's science faculty took eight biology students to the Jacobs Institute, a non-profit whose mission is to accelerate the development of technologies in vascular medicine, for their annual Brain Boot Camp. The students learned about how doctors, biomedical engineers, and representatives from medical device manufacturers work together at the Jacobs Institute to model patients’ blood vessels using 3-D printing technology, design new surgical procedures, and design new medical devices for implantation. 
The students completed an activity where they were given a challenge of engineering a model of a new device that could be used to remove plaque buildup in a person's blood vessels. They learned firsthand about the biomedical engineering process that the real engineers at the Jacobs Institute use. 
They also had a presentation from dietitian students about healthy eating. Lastly, there was a guest speaker who explained various pathways that a student who is interested in science could pursue during undergraduate, graduate, and PhD programs, as well as post doctoral work. SEM's science department is excited to continue offering real-world opportunities for students to explore biology and learn about future career paths.