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Message from the Head of School

Buffalo Seminary graduates are prepared to make their way in a rapidly changing world. In our small classes, guided by dedicated faculty, our students expand their knowledge, skills, and capability. Around our Harkness tables they develop the confidence to think about, write, debate their point of views, and listen and respond to the perspective of their peers.

They are not afraid to address the entire school at morning meeting; they lead clubs and organizations; they sing and act, and they compete on the sports fields and learn how to win and accept losses graciously. SEM students are involved - they give back to their communities and forge authentic and lasting connections to people and organizations and their missions.

Research confirms that girls experience success and gain confidence that lasts a lifetime when they attend an all-girl school. Our alumnae speak fondly of the talented teachers who encouraged them and of the great friends they made during their time at SEM, who remain a part of their lives.

SEM graduates can be found throughout the United States and across the world, who are leaders, scholars, and committed to serving the communities where they live.

A SEM education is an investment in a girl’s future. Please explore this website, visit the school, and discover for yourself that this school is a magical place. Each student has limitless potential and it is in this place that you can explore and develop your individual passions.


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