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Vision and Values

Secular since its founding in 1851, Buffalo Seminary provides a setting in which mutual respect is a fundamental principle around which students learn to value people from diverse backgrounds and to accept others on their merits. Having developed this appreciation and awareness, they are better equipped as adults to help forge connections across diverse communities; a necessity for the world they will inherit.


Buffalo Seminary educates college-bound young women from diverse backgrounds in a vigorous and participatory environment that emphasizes development of character, intellectual independence, creativity, service, and leadership for life.

Buffalo Seminary strives to make each girl proud of her ability to shape society rather than to be controlled by it and to awaken each student to the opportunities available to women.



SEM will be a leader in secondary education for girls – a school distinguished by the quality of its faculty and innovative academic program, its tradition of leadership and character development, and its supportive, inclusive environment that helps each young woman grow and flourish in her own way.

The extraordinary diversity of talent, experiences, and backgrounds in the SEM community will ensure that each of its graduates finds her voice, becomes an active and engaged citizen confident in her abilities, resilient in her outlook, and respectful of the world around her.



  1. Diversity and Inclusiveness

  2. Women and Leadership

  3. Courage, Confidence and Independence

  4. Character and Integrity

  5. Global Community Engagement


Our Social and Academic Honor Code reflects the school's moral atmosphere with its expectation of trust, integrity, and respect. Character development is implicit at SEM.

At SEM, we encourage our young women to develop strong convictions and to stand alone, if necessary, for what they believe is right. These are the women of the twenty-first century; it is the school's intention to prepare them as they take their place as citizens and leaders in this exciting, challenging time.





The Girls' School Advantage

Recent research provided by the National Coalition of Girls' Schools shows that girls' school graduates are six times more likely to consider majoring in math, science, and technology and three times more likely to consider engineering careers compared to girls who attend coed schools. Girls are inspired to pursue patterns of rigorous thought, fruitful reflection, and clear expression as skills essential to a process of lifelong learning.