Contact Us

Buffalo Seminary
205 Bidwell Parkway
Buffalo, NY 14222

School Phone Number: 716.885.6780
School Fax Number: 716.885.6785

Front Office
Ext. 200

Head of School
Helen L. Marlette
Ext. 214

Assistant Head of School - Academics
Sophie Michaud
Ext. 248

Assistant Head of School - Community Life
Natalie Stothart
Ext. 203

Executive Assistant
Ann More

Ext. 202

Director of Communications
Erin St. John Kelly
Ext. 216

Director of Admission
Laura Munson '79
Ext. 253

Development Operations Manager
Susan Beich
Ext. 204

Alumnae Relations
Betsy Bloom
Ext 221

Business Manager
Denise Merrell
Ext. 207

Dean of Students
Dr. Sara Sieczkarski
Ext. 210

Director of College Counseling
Molly Greene '98
Ext. 227

Director of Technology
Beth Adamczyk
Ext. 218