Reception for 50th Colby-Oishei Artist Pamela Mitchell Henrich '62

We are proud and honored to welcome Pamela Mitchell Henrich '62 as this year's Colby-Oishei artist at a reception on April 7, 2017 at 7 PM in the Margaret L. Wendt Performing Arts Center at Buffalo Seminary. The reception is free and open to the public.

That evening, Mrs. Henrich will speak and there will be a show of her recent paintings, Remembering... In Oils, as well as works from the past. In addition, works by former Colby-Oishei artists will be exhibited. The show will remain on view for several weeks, and it may be seen during school hours.

Mrs. Henrich's present work is oil paintings in the trompe l'oeil genre. Some are family portraits, and others honor illustrators or important persons of the past.

In 1982, as head of the Arts Department at SEM, Mrs. Henrich designed a program which Patricia Oishei Colby '32 endowed. The Colby-Oishei Program is now in its 35th year. Pam was program's first artist and we are honored to have her as its 50th.