Emily Marie Jimenez '17 Honored As Community Leader

Emily Marie Jimenez '17 was honored by the Federation for Just Communities of Western New York (NFJCWNY) at its annual luncheon on January 25, as an individual who exemplifies the NFJC core mission of promoting goodwill,understanding, respect, and trust. She was one of seven students who received a Youth Leader award this year.

The NFJCWNY reawarded Emily Marie on June 1, at SEM's Class Day, a final award ceremony for students.

At SEM, Emily Marie is the field hockey team goalie, a regular cast member of the theater productions and the senior class president while being engaged with issues of diversity and inclusion and is president of the GSA.

Recent past SEM recipients are Danielle Little '16, Jane M. Gold '15, Hiba Al-Naji '14.

Mrs. Kanika Durland, Ms. Susan Drozd, Emily Marie, Mrs. Helen L. Marlette, and Mrs. Kyle Hopkins attended the award ceremony.