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Online School For Girls

Buffalo Seminary is a member of the Online School for Girls (OSG), which is a part of the organization One Schoolhouse. SEM is in a cohort of over 60 girls’ schools from across the country. 

The Online School for Girls (OSG) offers a variety of courses including APs that both engage and challenge that a school may not offer or that girl can use to fulfill a requirement.

Online education is particularly well-suited to students who are independent, motivated, and mature. Succeeding in an online course requires the ability to manage time well and to stay on top of tasks. It is also an excellent way to prepare for the online courses at colleges and universities.

Since our charter membership began in 2011. Students have taken courses ranging from AP Human Geography to Forensics to Multivariable Calculus to Chinese, and Latin.

Recently, girls have enrolled in AP Statistics, AP Micro Economics, AP Macro Economics, AP Computer Science, AP Art History, AP Human Geography, AP Psychology, AP French, AP Latin, and Computer Science.

For transcript and credit purposes students may only choose those online courses which are not offered at SEM and may only choose the co-ed section if there is no option for “girls only.”

If students would like to use electives to fulfill a graduation requirement, they are eligible for tuition assistance of $400 and Buffalo Seminary credit on their transcript. Summer courses are not eligible for credit.

OSG offers a discount to member schools.