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The library is the heart of the school and part of the original school building. Near the front entrance, the library beckons visitors with its warm fireplace, comfortable chairs and study spaces, majestic ceiling, large tables, and historic portraits.

The library facilitates student understanding of information resources and promotes lifelong learning. Information resources include a collection of more than 8,000 books, research databases, periodicals, DVDs, and CDs, which help to meet the diverse curricular and extracurricular needs of students and faculty.

The library at SEM supports the intellectual growth and creative opportunities of the school by assisting students in locating, researching, understanding, and evaluating electronic and printed information and data. The library's print materials can be found in different areas in the school. Art books and resources are located on the third floor in the art room. Science books and resources can be found next to the biology laboratory. A variety of electronic databases, e-books, and other online resources can be accessed through our intranet.