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Financing a SEM Education

We understand that a SEM education is an investment and the decision to apply and to enroll has many factors. We provide both merit and need based assistance to qualified students. Find a list of Named & Merit Scholarship Opportunities here.


Day Tuition
$21,900 (Lunch included)

Residential Tuition
$48,750 (5-day boarding)
$52,750 (7-day boarding)

Technology Fee

Playing for a SEM team is free except there are small fees for individual student membership in national organizations for bowling, crew, sailing, and squash.

Payment Options

Payments made in full receive a .5% discount if paid with check/cash/automated clearing house (ACH); also offered are payment plans 2 halves or 9 direct withdrawls from a bank account each month from July to March.

Financial Aid
We believe that all students should have the ability to consider an independent-school education to further their lifelong academic goals. We strive to help every qualified applicant afford a four-year education at SEM. Although we do not have the ability to award aid to everyone, we make every effort to offer assistance to as many deserving students as possible. The amount of the financial award depends solely upon the financial resources of the family.

Click here to apply for financial aid.

To be considered for financial aid and scholarships in the first round of admissions we recommend your application be completed in December.