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Red Key Society

2019-20 Red Key



While all SEM girls can talk for days about their school, the Red Key Society ambassadors are particularly committed. Red Key is called upon to tour visitors, usher guests, and actively participate in events. They know that wherever they go, they represent SEM. These girls are integral to our reputation as a school with a culture of achievement, scholarship, creativity, service, and leadership.


Red Key Spotlight

Check back each week for a new Red Key Spotlight!


Quinn Brinkworth '24
Shayley Casey '24
Cecelia Casterline '24
Lucia Davis '24
Natalie Dunlap '24
Isabella Fukushima '24
Mary Goetz '24
Mia Johnson '24
Cassidy Merriman '24
Fiona Murphy '24 
Shannon Saccomando '24
Makena St. George '24
Anna Wehr '24



Anna Barry '23
Lola Cannon '23
Dakota Clay '23
Sunshine Frankenstein '23
Olivia Gilliland '23
Clio Granville '23
Emily Gress '23
Julia Leslie '23
Olivia Maracle-Hill '23
Mei McNamara '23
Bela Nieves '23
Olivia Pike '23
Annie Juliet Rieman '23
Liliana Schmid '23
Marianna Selma '23


President: Nora Collins '22

Sarah Abramowitz '22
Abigail Anderson '22
Rowan Brown '22
Mina Dreishpoon '22
Na'Mia Kelly '22
Caroline Kowalski '22
Juno Min '22
Katarina Mueller '22
Angelina Myles '22
Gabriella Oddo '22
Ana Roman '22
Bre Schmidt '22
Onvida Serixay '22
Katrina Seymour '22
Ollie Tedesco '22
Juliana Victor '22