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Guess Chen '21


The best way to picture yourself at SEM is to spend a day on our cozy campus, which is on the National Register of Historic Places in the lively and beautiful center of the city of Buffalo, NY.

Grade 8 Visitors: SEM offers a full-day Visitor Day for girls in Grade 8 throughout the year.

Students will connect with a current student guide to visit classes and have lunch.

Note: The SEM school day begins with Morning Meeting at 7:55 AM and we recommend that visitors arrive between 7:30-7:45 AM. Your daughter should enter through the main doors on Bidwell Parkway to meet with a member of the Admission team and her SEM student guide.

Call the Admission Office to schedule your visit today: 716-885-6780

Grade 7 Visitors: 7th grade girls are encouraged to spend half a day at SEM (check back soon for specific dates).

For any questions or to make any changes to your reserved date, please contact Director of Day Admission Alexandra Tramposch at 716-885-6780 or atramposch@buffaloseminary.org