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Class Notes

Josie Kaestner Townsend '64 with Bob Foster

The Copeland sisters. See Merrily Copeland Beyreuther '60

Jo Glauser '00 and Class of '13 graduates
Grace von Simson, Liza Marlette and Curreen Luongo. 

Edwin Schultz

Lacy Elinwood '02

Estèle Tschopp '92

Denise Rott Lovern '78

Lauren Moloney Ford '08

Pia Doro

I have 3 grandkids - 2 boys and 1 girl

Kyle Friedman Harnett '08

Tara Ashraf '07

Victoria Chatfield '04

Jennifer Roberts '92

Sharon Bailey '85 (see Cynthia Eaton '70)

Arianna Hughes '13, Lisa Abeyounis '82, and Kaitlin Hughes '16

Gigi Pooley Helliwell '76

Artwork by Liz Markus '85

Alycia Ripley '96

Alycia Ripley '96



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We hope you will share where your life has taken you, what accomplishments and successes you have found along the way and how SEM can reconnect with you.

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*Updated with new messages  from:

Jennifer Owen Adsit '72
Katie Stievater Dickey '87
Charlotte Wall Gibbens '46
Lillian Osberg Fromm '50
Joan Rieckelman Strachan '51
Carole Jordan Brown '55
Marcia Rashman Frankel '56
Linda Blun Morgenlander '56
Judy Becker-Cavallon '60
Wilhelmina (Buffie) Buffum Kelly '60
Tracy Zatulove Levy '78
Madonna Ortega Dunbar '80
Cynthia Baird Stark '81
Alice L. Hurley '85
Cailin Walsh '11

Susan Coe Brown '74 and Liz Morrison '74

Barbara French Pace '61

Georgia Johnson Pooley '47

Carol Monsees '55

Sara Daly '11Sara Daly '11


Susan Henderson '87