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"I am confident that through education and authentic, connected experience, we will give the best of ourselves to prepare girls for meaningful futures as productive and engaged citizens, creating a world in which we would all want to live."


Thank you, Helen!  We are grateful for you.



As Helen L. Marlette embarks on the next chapter of her life, retiring from her role as Head of School at Buffalo Seminary, there is no doubt that her legacy will continue to inspire generations to come.  Helen has been an exceptional leader, dedicating her time and talents to fostering a culture of excellence and inclusivity at SEM.

Throughout her tenure, Helen’s commitment to academic excellence has elevated SEM to new heights, ensuring that students receive a rigorous education that prepares them for the challenges of the future.  Her visionary leadership has nurtured a culture of innovation, encouraging both students and faculty to embrace creativity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love of learning.

Helen’s impact at SEM extends far beyond academics. She has been a champion of empowering young women to pursue their passions and achieve their full potential.  Her unwavering dedication to promoting gender equality and fostering an inclusive environment has helped create a safe and nurturing space for all students to thrive.  SEM students feel valued, heard, and supported in their personal and academic journeys.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Helen’s compassion and genuine care for her students, faculty, and staff have left an indelible mark on the Buffalo Seminary community.  Her mentorship, guidance, and unwavering support have inspired countless young women to pursue their dreams with confidence.  The Buffalo Seminary community is forever grateful for her exceptional leadership.


The Helen L. Marlette Opportunity Fund

The Helen L. Marlette Opportunity Fund serves as a remarkable testament to Helen’s exceptional leadership as Head of School at Buffalo Seminary.  This Fund will enable Helen to accomplish her desired initiatives for SEM prior to concluding her tenure this year.  Upon its transition into an endowed fund, the Helen L. Marlette Opportunity Fund will support the school’s leadership by providing the Head of School and the Board with the means to undertake special SEM projects. An unrestricted fund of this kind gives the Head the ability to act decisively within SEM’s mission if special opportunities or urgent needs arise.