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Online Activities Summer@SEM 2020


It's not your usual Summer@SEM, it's Summer@SEMOnline

 SEM is committed to being a resource for girls to find community, routine, fun & learning.

SEM leads in high school distance learning and we've programmed a summer of camp activities to beat the stay-at-home doldrums!

Read this story in the March 21 Buffalo News to find out how SEM leads
in distance learning & community connection.




message from the 2020 counselors


LUNCH TABLE: Getting hungry? Us too! Grab your food from the fridge and come join us for a fun lunchtime chat filled with awesome games, cool and silly questions, and the chance to sit back, relax, and talk with your friends and counselors! This is a defining characteristic of SEM - our ability to build community in person and online.


SUPERHERO FASHION CAMP: Design your own Superhero, learn about the world of fashion and create a wardrobe for them. Once you create your Superhero, we will show you how designers are influenced by history to create modern fashion. We will travel to the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s for inspiration. The class will end with a virtual mood board of your Superhero and their unique wardrobe. What better time to create your very own fashionable Superhero! A $10 kit will be included in this camp, delivered to your doorstep! (payment for kit is separate from registration)

THEATRE MAGIC IN THE CLOUD: Welcome to theatre class, virtual edition! Together, we will create the script and characters for our very own play...but instead of performing on stage, we'll be performing within the cool confines of a Zoom room. How does that work? Come find out! Put your creative thinking hat on, and create a one-of-a-kind performance you'll never forget!


Taught by D. Arthur '10
DEAR DIARY, DEAR WORLD: If you keep a journal with you all of the time, this is the class for you! As a writer, one of the most important tools in your tool kit is your own life. In this fun writing class, we will use stories from your own life to write funny fiction. 

FIND YOUR FUNNY: Do you like to laugh? Do you like making your friends laugh? In this writing and improv comedy class, you will have a chance to play comedy acting games to find your funny and write silly stories that you can tell your family and friends. 

SHE DID THAT, TELLING WOMEN'S STORIES:  There are so many amazing women throughout history, from Amelia Earhart to Rosa Parks to Marie Curie. In this writing class, we will talk about our favorite women throughout history and then use our imaginations to write stories about what they might be up to today! Bring fun facts about your favorite women in history that we can use to write our stories!


CALLIGRAPHY: Learn the art of writing the italic alphabet with illumination to write your favorite quotes.

DRAGONWORLD: Design your own dragon using your choice of techniques materials, including polymer clay, 3D sewing or paper mache.**

IT'S A SMALL WORLD: Using polymer clay and balsa wood, design your own miniature objects that can stand alone or be a part of a miniature world or scene.**


AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE: Learn the signing alphabet and loads of vocabulary so you can have another language in your life and communicate in a brand new way with more people!

COOKING taught by Chef Krista Wagner. **
INDULGE YOUR CULINARY CURIOSITY: We will start with “The Art of Breakfast Cookery” - Budding young chefs will enjoy a fun-filled cooking class with Chef Van Wagner learning to cook a Classic Omelette, Healthy Breakfast Fruit Smoothies, French Toast, and flipping Crepes. Chef Van Wagner will introduce you to basic cooking techniques including Mise En Place, sauteing, deglazing, and many more tips! Put your new skills to the test while preparing Chicken Stir Fry Montego Bay with steamed white rice, using a rice cooker. End with enjoying this wonderful chicken dish! 

FLAVORS OF THE CARIBBEAN: Chef Van Wagner, after living in the Caribbean for years, is bringing back to you all the delights of the Islands. Selections include Black Bean Soup, Jerk Chicken, Jamaican Rice and Beans, and Jamaican Style Meat Patties. Enjoy sampling this favorite of Chef Krista!

DOLPHIN TANK: Have you ever thought of an invention that you wish someone would make or have you thought of a solution to an everyday problem? Then, sign up for The Dolphin Tank! You and your classmates will form a company, think of an invention or solution to a problem, and present to our panel of expert “Dolphins.” The winning team each week gets a special Summer@SEM surprise

GIRL CODERS - SUPERHEROES OF THE FUTURE: There are numerous opportunities to learn coding. Which is right for my child? Which will capture her attention? Which will she be successful at? SEM has a strong computer science program. Let us help inspire and guide her. Girls who code are the superheroes of the future! Perfect for all ages and all levels of coding experience. Through guided independent work, each girl will take a different path based on her age and interest. If your daughter is coming for multiple weeks, she can take this again and always learn something new. Taught by SEM Director of Technology Beth Adamczyk & SEM Computer Science Teacher Janelle Harb.

GIRL UNLIMITED: What does it mean to be completely yourself, even when it’s hard? What are some things we can do to make that process a little easier? In this class, we invite you to be yourself, every last bit!  We will be discussing important topics, such as self-esteem, empathy, mindfulness, and friendship. Every day, we will make a craft that will help us understand these different topics, and will do ice breakers, play games, and discuss how these ideas relate to our everyday lives. 

HIGH SCHOOL, AN INTRODUCTION: Designed to introduce middle school students to the experiences of early high school. In this program, students will engage in project-based learning to investigate the challenges of transitioning into high school, identifying healthy behaviors for success, plan for potential pitfalls, and read materials about the high school experience.

IN SEARCH OF...: This program offers daily adventures in the form of scavenger hunts and mini-challenges designed to get you moving around your home, yard, and neighborhood like you never have before! Even though we can't get together just yet, we can still share our findings and see what cool things those around us are doing! Students will need access to photo, video, and music.



CREATIVE SPORTS: When the going gets tough, the tough get creative! For this class, you will need yourself, a space to play, and your awesome creative mind! Bring us your very best ideas: how can you play a sport with just one or two people? What super cool skills and tricks can you show us? How can you make baseball more fun? What fun new sports did you come up with, and how do you play? We can't wait to learn from you!


** some of our activities require supplies.