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READY, SET, DRAW: Calling all doodlers, drawers, skechers, and learners: come check out this class! We will be learning the basics of drawing, in whatever style you want. That means you can draw how YOU want to draw - realistic, cartoony, bubbly, spiky, anime, dotty, you name it! We will try out all sorts of drawing materials, including charcoal, colored pencils, pens, and markers, and in nice weather, we will go outside one day to draw with chalk. Can’t wait to see you in class!

THEATRE MAGIC: Have you ever wanted to write and star in your very own play? Do you write scripts and movies in your spare time, just for fun? Are you interested in theatre, and want to see if it’s for you? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then I invite you to try this class! Every week is different, because every week, we will work together as a group to write, block, and perform a show of our own creation. Campers will perform their show for the whole camp on Fridays after lunch. Come and play with us!

THE VOICE: The sound of Summer@SEM is singing. Join in! Like to sing? Want to practice? Eager to learn a new skill? Campers will explore acapella techniques and sing their favorite songs together! We can’t wait to hear your rockin’ rendition in Summer@SEM’s version of The Voice!

BEADS GALORE: Design and create bracelets and earrings that add sparkle to your life.

SCRAPBOOKING: Save your photos, letters, artwork and other memories in one place where you can revisit each moment again and again.

TIE-DYE/CRAFTS/PAINTING: Learn how to tie-dye everything from T-Shirts to cupcakes and then how to weave boondoggles and friendship bracelets.

FASHION LAB: Create one of a kind fashion pieces and learn to sew and be creative! 

KNITTING: Know how to knit? Want to learn? This course is open to all levels of knitting, from beginner to pro. Knit scarves, coasters, and anything in between! 

FIBER ARTS: Use different materials such as fabric, yarn, string, and other fibers to create beautiful, creative artwork! 

CALLIGRAPHY: Learn the fine art of calligraphy by learning how to write with ink and pens. Create beautiful cards, pictures, and other pieces of art by using what you learned! 

IT'S A SMALL WORLD: Isn’t everything cute when it’s super tiny? Create your own mini clay figurines and background for them. 

DRAGON WORLD: Love dragons and medieval art? Create crazy dragon and medieval themed costumes and pieces of art and put your imagination to the test! 





CREATIVE CHEMISTRY: Learn the science behind it all! Create slime, grow crystals, make edible chocolate play dough, and see what happens when you combine simple cooking ingredients from your kitchen. How does it work? Come find out!

DOLPHIN TANK: Have you ever thought of an invention that you wish someone would make or have you thought of a solution to an everyday problem? Then, sign up for The Dolphin Tank! You and your classmates will form a company, think of an invention or solution to a problem, and present to our panel of expert “Dolphins.” The winning team each week gets a special Summer@SEM surprise!

GIRL UNLIMITED: What does it mean to be completely yourself, even when it’s hard? What are some things we can do to make that process a little easier? In this class, we invite you to be yourself, every last bit!  We will be discussing important topics, such as self-esteem, empathy, mindfulness, and friendship. Every day, we will make a craft that will help us understand these different topics, and will do ice breakers, play games, and discuss how these ideas relate to our everyday lives.

VIDEO GAME DESIGN: We will learn the basics of Unity, a popular game engine used to create some of your favorite games. We will be creating a spaceship game in which you must avoid the asteroids, and then you will have the chance to create your own game! 


eSPORTS: We will be playing a variety of games similar to popular existing eSports games. We will end by playing Rocket League, a free game with millions of players and dedicated eSports competitions. The basis of the game is soccer with cars and includes eight players assigned to two teams, which use rocket-powered vehicles to score goals. 


CODING: We will learn some basic computer programming concepts using the Python language. Some of the digital projects include:  Frozen Fractals, Outer Space, Growing Flowers and Animal Classifier. This is a great first exposure to text-based coding. Students of all ages and abilities welcomed!


I LOVE A MYSTERY: Grab your trench coat and magnifying glass and be the detective to solve the SEM Mystery. Using clues and evidence around the school, help us figure out “who done it.”



We'll be learning how to create an application using both software and hardware. We'll be using the programming language Java to code our project and working with an LED screen to project the application. Students will get to keep the device they make.


SIGN LANGUAGE: Interested in learning a new language? Learn some ASL at Summer At SEM, no prior experience required! 


LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: Want to take your social media skills to the next level? Get some practice filming and editing videos on Mac computers while creating post-worthy Summer at SEM vlogs! 




YOGA: Come start your day with some mindfulness and stretching. Explore different types of Yoga from meditation to workouts, all while staying true to your inner self!

SEM SPORTS: Be a Buffalo Seminary Red-Tailed Hawk for the summer! Sports include basketball, soccer, and squash. Everyone has a chance to play and be excellent!

LEARN TO ROW: This class is designed for rowers of all levels. Never picked up an ore?  No problem. Want work on your rowing skills? No problem. Learn the ins and outs of rowing from the BSRA.

SAIL AWAY WITH SEM: Is the water your home away from home? If so, come aboard and learn to sail with SEM. This class is designed for all levels of experience for campers ages 11 and up. 

BUFFALO EQUESTRIAN CAMPERS: Morning activities at the Buffalo Equestrian Center teach you how to take care of horses as well as learn to ride them! 


Cooking & Baking


COOKING WITH KRISTA: Cook and bake amazing looking and tasting food with Chef Krista Van Wanger and explore new flavors and types of cuisine! 


NAILED IT: Put your amateur baking skills to the test while trying to recreate a delicious masterpiece. See how well you can replicate the professional bakers treat!