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Varsity Tennis

Record: 1-1


Team Roster

Name Grade
Tessa Bianchi 11
Maia Dreishpoon 11
Erin Griffis 11
Sarah Hamdan 12
Lauren Handforth 9
Miriam Ings 11
Penny Joseph 9
Zeyun Liu 12
Athena Mathews 11
Maggie McCulloch 10
Jenna Smolarek 11
Hannah Stern 12
Liheng (Helen) Wu 10


Head Coach Andrea Abels 716.510.1701 email:

This is Andrea Abels first season coaching at Buffalo Seminary.  With a New York State Tennis Coaching Certification and 10+ years of expierence coaching for Buffalo Public School she is no stanger to the sport.  Andrea's passion for tennis has led her to become a champion in U.S.T.A (Regionals/Sectionals), Buffalo MUNY'S, Nesbitt Cup, and Can-Am.  Andrea would like to give back to her athletes what she has learned through her own expierences, and to encourage them to develop successfully both on and off the court.


Assistant Coach Kacie Mills 716.864.3890 email:

Team Schedule

Team Schedule

Sacred Heart Academy
Kenmore East High School


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