Hornets & Jackets

The Hornet/Jacket competition is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Buffalo Seminary; it's also one of SEM's oldest traditions, dating back to 1915.

Legendary headmistress Miss L. Gertrude Angell organized SEM into two basketball teams in 1915 and it has grown into a school-wide internal competition for over a century.

Each fall, on "Hornet/Jacket Day," every student, faculty, and staff member is made a member of either team. For life. It is also an inheritance - team membership is passed on through siblings, parents, aunts.

The two teams battle to win points in contests throughout the year - particularly for Spirit Week, Hornet/Jacket Day, the Hawk Walk, the Halloween costume and skit contest, the holiday ugly sweater contest, school decorating and bushe de noel contest, and finally culminating in the Putting on the Hits contest in June.

At the end of Putting on the Hits, the points are tallied and the name of the winning team is engraved on the Hornet/Jacket Spirit Cup.

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Hornet/Jacket
by posting a memory, picture or video link

4/16 - Sarah Hamdan '18

I am a proud Jacket! From being sprayed with shaving cream to the endless screaming on Hornet/Jacket activities, it feels a great to be a part of this incredible experience! It brought me closer with some great people. GO JACKETS.

1/16 - Harry Schooley

Proud to be a faculty Hornet from 1967 to 2010 (and a former Faculty Hornet) from 2010 on!

10/15 - Natalie Rice '16

100 years of green and 2 years of driving this baby down Elmwood!

9/27 - Anonymous '19

I am a freshman at sem and I had an amazing time at the hornet jacket sleepover and the next day!

9/27 - Lauren '17

Hornet Jacket Day!

9/27/2015 - Erin Kelly

So many pictures are starting to come in! This one was sent to me while I was in Bermuda at a school fair on Friday.