Snow Day Winter 2017

Behind the Scenes

These videos (which have been ready since January!) are written and directed by Anabel Cornacchio '17.

Casey Ball '18 took Anabel's lyrics and turned them into music - as they were handed to her! it was magical to watch that November Saturday in the studio at Propeller Head Media.

The list of students who donated a Saturday to lip sync, drink from empty tea mugs, take fake naps, and report from the Magavern-Sutton Courtyard runs in the credits and I am grateful to all who helped. Thank you to Mrs. Marlette, Mr. Sutton, Ms. Adamczyk and Ms. Stothart for their parts in making it real.

The second video is a behind the scenes and bloopers reel and contains the entire song. Don't skip it!

Thank you and Happy Snow Day!

Erin Kelly
Director of Communications